Understand Quran with Quran

The Qur'an explains itself. That means, explanation or context of a verse can be achieved by relating with other verses witin Quran.

Quran explained project provides explanation of Quran Verses by linking related Verses together.

To fully understand Quran's universal message for mankind and purpose of our daily lives It is best to read the whole Quran. The aim of this Quran study project is to understand Verses of Quran within context.This has been achieved by deep linking related verses together.

Understanding Quran
  • Quran the word of God is in Arabic.
  • No translation is a replacement of the Original Arabic Quran.
  • Total number of verses in Quran:  6,236

While translations of Quran help us read Quran in our language of choice. Any translation of a literary work may only approximately convey its original meaning. Translation of religious works is even more complicated for many reasons.There is a chance the context, meaning and interpertation of text could change based on the culture, local demographics, historical events or language changes(i.e old english vs present day english).

Multiple translations can be used to help understand or ultimately exploring the Original Arabic language itself. The beauty of Arabic language is that it hasn't been changed over the centuries. In other words if something is written or said in arabic thousands of years ago can still be interpreted in its true original context today.

Context: Another interesting factor is subject context. As we know there are many topics in Quran and reference for one topic/subject can be found in many different chapters of Quran. Hence it is important to research all the related verses together from different chapters of Quran for better understanding of a subject.

Click here for Quran Tafseer-Commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Other popular translations of Quran by well known scholars are also available to read.
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Example image Click [Tafseer-Commentary] to read the tafseer-commentary related to Verse.
n. 25 is a tafseer-commentary note number.
2:1 represent Sura number 2, Verse number 1
Click on n. 25 to further open the related tafseer note.
Click on 2:1 to further open the related verse.

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